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How Dangerous Is An Exploding Air Mattress?

Author:Lance-Air Mattress Professor Publish Time: 2021-02-25

Air mattress is a household item that people use daily, and its types include many: large household inflatable air mattress, outdoor camping inflatable air mattress, and car inflatable bed. Has deeply entered people's lives. So everyone will have a question, that is, will the air mattress be dangerous during use, how dangerous is an exploding air mattress?

The two most common answers in online discussions are about what happens when there is too much air in the air mattress? Some people think that the air mattress will be over-inflated and fly away because of the excessive pressure inside, just like a deflated balloon; others think that the air mattress will explode when the internal pressure reaches its limit.

Someone on YOUTUBE launched a test for this problem. They prepared two single size camping air mattress and prepared to over-inflate the inflatable bed with an external pump to see how the inflatable bed would change. Excessively causing the air bed to explode, how powerful will it be! These three inflatable beds are all INTEX single outdoor camping inflatable beds. As INTEX inflatable airbeds, they have been trusted and loved by the public in terms of quality. Then, will the INTEX air mattresses explode after over-inflation?

At the beginning, they inflated the air mattress to a normal state, and let people go up and lie down, and they could see that the air mattress had no quality problems and no cracks. Then they continued to inflate the air mattress. The air mattress slowly expanded. It is no longer the air-filled air mattress we usually see. It arches upwards slowly, looking like an inflatable bridge.

over inflating air mattress

Excessive expansion seems to explode at any time. Sure enough, after one minute of inflating, a honeycomb hole of the air mattress exploded directly. After the sound of BOOM, the air bed was seen to leak rapidly. The explosion did not produce much power or injury. And the inflatable personnel, everything happened quickly. When the reaction came over, the air mattress had become flat, and the air completely ran out. We can see through the explosion port that this is the position connected to the internal drawstring. The place where the drawstrings were connected was damaged first, but a relatively small hole exploded, but this air bed can no longer be repaired, because if the internal drawstring is damaged, the air bed will not have enough support capacity!

exploding air mattress

So after the air mattress is over-inflated, it will not fly away like a balloon, but will choose to explode! In order to further confirm this conclusion, they started a second experiment: They used a second air mattress, cut a 20cm-long crack at the seam on the side of the air mattress, and then used scissors to cut the inner column shape.

too much air in air mattress

All the air chambers were cut so that the upper and lower sides of the air mattress no longer wanted to be connected, and it became more like a big balloon. After the cut, the cracks on the side were repaired with strong tape. After everything was ready, they started to inflate The bed is inflated. However, the change of the air mattress is not the same as the first time. We can see that the air mattress begins to bulge up. Because there is no internal tension, the air mattress becomes completely like a large inflatable ball. 

what happens when your air mattress gets too much air

The personnel were very surprised by the appearance of the air mattress. Then they continued to inflate the air mattress. Finally, the repaired area began to leak due to excessive pressure. They stopped the inflation and strengthened the repaired part, and then continued to inflate. Finally, the air mattress inflated very much. Big, if we open the inflation port at this time, it will surely fly away like a balloon. 

whats inside an air mattress

In the final stage of inflation, the air mattress was finally under pressure and cracked on the flocking surface. This time the explosion sounded louder. Finally, the air mattress immediately leaked and turned into a pile of unusable PVC.


The air mattress will explode after being over-filled with air. Although the explosion does not produce great power, for the sake of safety, everyone should follow the method of using the air mattress and use it normally to avoid excessive inflation. Necessary damage!


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