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Mirakey is a professional manufacturer of wide ranges of PVC inflatable or deflatable products, including decorations, leisure products and gifts. We specialize in air mattress and swimming pool.Our Product :Inflatable air bed ,air mattress, inflatable swimming pool ,Camping air bed, Car Travel bed.

7000 pcs
beautyrest air mattress with Pump Queen Size

Custom Case: Beautyrest Air Mattress

It can provide mattress-like comfort and excellent support technology. The stable arc-shaped elliptical beam structure prevents swinging and left-to-right movement, making it ideal for sleeping alone or with a partner. This air mattress has a luxurious velvety surface that prevents the sheets from slipping off, making it ideal for extra beds in any room.

Custom Case: Etekcity Air mattress

The special internal structure makes the air bed as stable and comfortable as a real bed. The unique wave-like blood vessels can well support all parts of the body, eliminate your fatigue all day, and help you relax and sleep all night. Use the built-in air pump to inflate the air cushion in a few minutes. And the patented switch knob has a rebound function. This special design can avoid leakage caused by wrong switch position

Etekcity air mattress with built in pump

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